Preparing for that interview (or interviews!)

Disclaimer: I am not a human resources professional, or have any certifications relating to job searching or hiring processes. I speak from personal experience only. This is from a perspective in the high tech sector.

So, you’ve written a killer CV, and sent it off to different companies. Something has peaked a hiring manager’s interest, and they contact you for an interview. How exciting! But…you have no clue what to do.

Here are the steps that I have taken, and have proven successful for me personally.

1. Research the company. You’ll want to know who the CEO is, and what they do, as a minimum.

2. Review the job posting, and all the skills that they are requiring. In my field as a software developer, I often get asked in interviews direct questions regarding a particular technology, and my previous experience with it.

3. Dress for the part! I, despite being in high tech, always wear a suit when I go to interviews. It’s better to overdress than underdress. If you get the job, then you can adjust your personal dress code.

4. If you are starting out, or are super nervous, I’d recommend recruiting a friend to help you conduct a mock interview. Give them your CV, and the job posting, and you can get a sense of some questions that might get asked.

5. Most of all, RELAX! Yes, there is a lot of preparation work going into an interview, but you need to know – you’ve made it further than most applicants. Now is your time to shine personally.

Do you have any other interview tips you’d like to share? Comment below! I always love to hear other people’s perspectives.

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